Tejiri na small boy for area wey all of us grow up together for Igbudu No 1. The boy quiet nor be small. I know how many times fegor our neighbors last born dey oppress am collect him koto even though Tejiri senior am. Even when we dey go Olodi primary school, the boy nor get anybody time. Tejiri lanky that year and he dey always enjoy keeping anytime we dey play football.

When I enter essi college, na College of commerce (UCC) he attend. I surprise later say them make am president for scripture union (S.U) as soon as him enter S.S.1. Every Evening, na so Tejiri go gada us dey preach for us. The boy just dey live at peace with everybody.
Meanwhile Tejiri na senior pikin and the papa run leave them since when Dem dey small because na steady fight him papa and him mama dey get almost every day.
When Tejiri finish school and return back from university, the boy find work tire and he nor see.
Base of say na person wey study computer engineering, na so he start to dey hustle for Airtel office. He dey help customer register sim and also dey do one or two for there dey meet up. Just because say the money never too many, he still dey follow him mama dey stay.

Everything be dey ok, until Aforke that year come from Ghana enter with doings. Aforke with him gang enter street dey throw money. infact area scatter. Both people mama and papa dey rush money. Drink na sawalele. Enjoyment na Alaka dat day. Area nor fit sleep because Dj Black won kill people with music.

You know say na from that day Tejiri problem start? Mama Tejiri wey pick 10k that night nor allow Tejiri sleep that night.

“nor be your younger brother mate dey scatter area so? you just go school come back say na 2 naira sim card you won dey register for people. Na this work you won take rent your house and even marry? When I dey feel say by now you go dey support me, na now you come dey press me again. na you eat pass for the house and one naira, you nor dey see bring come. clothes you nor get and you dey carry pastor work for head. See I nor won tell you two times, just as from today, go near Aforke, make you join am do wetin he dey do. If not this house nor go contain me and you.

Tejiri cry that nite nor be small. The boy just wish make the ground swallow am. How he won take dey go follow him junior up and down just because he won make money wey he nor know the origin. Nobody need to tell am say na Yahoo money the boy bring come area so.

Tejiri mama nor let the boy drink water drop cup. Some times he go lock am for outside say make he nor enter house until him get sense. And the mama dey carry fight go meet anybody wey give Tejiri food or allow am sleep for their house. The boy beg him mama tire, but she nor gree.

Tejiri look up and down and no choice. Na so he go meet Aforke and beg am to carry am along. Aforke laugh Tejiri but tell am say make he nor worry say he go carry am go Ghana month end.

Na so Tejiri carry him bag month end without telling him mama and follow Aforke travel
Na 9 months later, Tejiri drive enter area one nite with him GLK. If you see am, you go know say the boy skin full. Tejiri don puff up and the chain wey dey him neck na better tiko. Money nor change him quietness but the earing and him small tattoo for him hand just give am a different look.

Tejiri mama won dance die. Nor be small happiness say Tejiri don come house as man. The next day Nie Tejiri move him mama and family go one 3 bedroom apartment for okuokoko because he don make arrangement for ground before he enter the warri.

Mainwhile he nor reach one month, the boy don start him house project for Jeddo that side. Everything just dey go smooth.

Tejiri House opening na death row. The area people know say person dey the area with them. All the G boys for town full the community. Drinks, food and any enjoyment you know dey cry that day. Na so Tejiri mama dey smile all through. That day if Dem nor spray her money, he reach 500k. At last suffer don end for the family.

Na so everything dey go fine for them. Tejiri dey come area once once just to dey come relax base on old time. The boy nor forget area one day.

Na so him happen one day like that. Tejiri mama commot from house one day before her children come back from market because since she turn mother of a big man, na the children dey help am dey her store.

He reach the next day, Dem nor see am and na there the children raise alarm call Tejiri because her phone nor dey go and he never happen like that before. Na so Tejiri call him friends say him mama dey lost. Within few minutes, the social media don cast. Every body don dey pray make God protect am. How full woman go commot without telling anybody.

Tejiri Face just dey full with tears anytime visitors come check on am on the lastest update. For one full week, no better news. People just conclude say she fit don die or get accident somewhere wey people nor know.

Na so we break ourselves into groups dey go from hospital to hospital, even Mortuary round warri, Effurun, agbarho and even Ughelli but no result. Tejiri dey always provide money for the movement.

He get one afternoon like that when we dey the compound, when we see about two police Hilux drive enter the compound. We even feel say na Tejiri nie decide to involve the police to handle the case.
This one wey we dey talk so, Dem don surround the compound. As Dem enter, them ask who be Tejiri and he stand up. The officer say Dem come search the house base on information wey Dem get. We just feel say na normal police matter wey Dem dey come raid boys collect money as usual.

Everything wey Tejiri do to bribe them with money, Dem nor gree. Dem say Dem won still search the house. Na so Dem select two persons to join them while the rest go stay outside the compound and nobody go leave.

Na so all of us go out with only Aforke, jude and Kevwe join them Dem. He nor reach 30 minutes wey we hear heavy shout from inside the house. Wetin happen na.
Before we Look Tejiri carry One calabash come outside and the next thing we see inside na him mama head and money inside her mouth.

I remember say the sight of that thing alone make Mine wey stand near me faint once. So Tejiri don use him mama for ritual.
My heart cold once. Whick kind wickedness be this? Na so police carry am commot to go show Dem them her body.
As news enter town, nor be small shi shi shi. That S.U president kill him mama. We nor go fit forget. Mainwhile police decide to parade am as suspect to confess wetin really happen and why him do am. That day he nor get the tv station wey nor go. Police station full jam.

As Dem bring am come out from ceil, na God nie save am say enough police dey ground, if not Dem for barbeque am there. Na the DPO nie first talk. he say Dem act on a tip off by one of Dem Tejiri neighbors wey dey stay the other compound. she say she see Tejiri mama enter the compound for afternoon but nor know when she commot. But she notice say for like 1 hour after Tejiri mama enter the compound, He start to Dey play loud music and na wetin the boy never do one since he pack come.

When he reach Tejiri turn to talk, na so so cry he dey cry. He tell everybody how he dey manage to keep himself decent until him mama start to dey give am trouble. How him mama go pour am water for nite as he dey sleep unless he go join Aforke hustle. He say na with shame and humiliation he take enter street. He beg him mama to give am time to do legit work but him mama greed for money force am to choose this way of wife.

He say when the native doctor ask am who him like use for ritual to sustain him money, he nor think twice to choose the woman wey force am Into this evil way. As the Police carry am to enter ceil back, Tejiri Cry out, Area nor be like me. Nor let anybody force you do wetin you nor won do. Remember say na your life and never jealous another man wealth because you nor know weda na you or your pikin he go use take sustain that money tomorrow. Many of my friends dey the town and Gh and na wetin Dem dey do. Some dey sleep with old women to sacrifice 5 years commot from their their time on earth in exchange of wealth. Some nor dey sleep for nite if not Dem nor go wake up, some nor dey eat onions or Dem go run am.

so you wey get one naira with rest of mind, you nor know wetin God dey do for you. Tejiri last word na, Make Una Forgive me because NA MY MAMA FORCE ME DO RITUAL.

kindly reshare to every parent out there. Let’s be patient with our children because their actions can either make or break us. Thanks for Reading

How My Mother Forced Me To Do Money Rituals.(Confession Of A Warri Boy)


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