11-year-old Girl Raped And Impregnated By Aunt’s Husband In Benue

A security personnel with the Benue state university, Makurdi allegedly rape and impregnate a 11-year-old girl.

The man identified as Joseph Adoyi is the husband to Ene’s aunt. He constantly abuse the victim sexually until she became pregnant.

According to Ukan Kurugh, a activist who shared the story, the man started abusing to girl since she was 3 years old.

He said the man warned the little girl not to open up to anyone about the abuse, he warned that if she does, he would kill her.

Taking to social media, Ukan Kurugh wrote:

Girl, 11, Pregnant For Benue Varsity Security Personnel

That is the story of Ene When (names have been changed. In addition to helping her aunt, who is wife of a Benue State University (BSU) Makurdi with house chores, Ene silently suffered the abuse of her uncle until she became pregnant.

At three, Ene was sent to live with her aunt and her husband in Makurdi. Joseph Adoyi a security man at the Benue State University. Husband of Ene’s aunt would found a prey to satisfy his sexual urge Soon, he began playing with her clitoris at age 3.

It continued until one fateful day when no one was at home. Straight from work, Joseph entered his bedroom only to come back to the parlour naked. Alarmed, little Ene protested, It was however too late. Joseph had made up his mind to have his way and nothing could stop him; not screaming from from the little girl.

Say it to no one, Ene said she was warned or she will be killed. Joseph would do again and again. Then comes changes in Ene’s body system- from stomach upset, dizziness and collapsing at some point.

Suspicious, Ene’s aunt took her urine for pregnancy test. The test result showed pregnancy. Abortion was suggested by the aunt but Ene preferred informing her parents. She was put in a public transport and sent home to Orokam alone.

Her agitated father sought to know why. Innocently, she told her father she was pregnant for her aunt’s husband.

“This holiday, my daughter came home alone and when I asked her, she said her aunt sent her home. I didn’t like the mood I saw her in and decided to take her to the hospital. That is where it was discovered that she is 3 months pregnant,” Ejah who spoke through an interpreter told me.

“I could not bear it and sent word to my elder brother in Otukpo. I also called Joseph Adoyi and we met in Otukpo. He came with two relations. I took three with me from Orakam, one of which is a vigilante member.

“I took with me three Kola nut and a cartoon of Hero. The man refused to accept responsibility in the public. When called aside, he agreed that he is the one. After he accepted and I started crying, he requested to go and bring his other relations and that was how he left.

“My elder brother asked me to come back in five days and we came but the man could not pick his calls,” Ejah explained.

Ene narrated her story to me before the Executive Director, Community Links and Human Empowerment Initiative (CLHEI), Dr. Helen Teghtegh. She was on phone with the BSU Vice Chancellor who said the matter be handle in line with enabling laws.

Ene’s family said it is being frustrated by the police.

Dr. Teghtegh is therefore calling on CSOs to rise up to get this rapist face the music

11-year-old Girl Raped And Impregnated By Aunt’s Husband In Benue


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