Pornhub and OnlyFans star Kristina Lisina, 29, dies falling from tower block as mystery message found in her hand

Police are investigating the death of the prominent Russian porn actress, after she fell from the 22nd floor of a tower block in St Petersburg.

Kristina, 29, went into adult movies after rejecting a career in banking, but friends said she craved “to be loved and start a family”.

She featured on X-rated Western sites such as Pornhub under her nickname Kris the foxx, and was also a star on OnlyFans.

Friends said she had recently suffered from “loneliness” and wanted to start a family.

She had recently bought a flat in St Petersburg.

The Russian Investigative Committee and police probing her death, reported newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets.

They have not commented on the investigation.

The woman’s body was found near a high residential block in the Nevsky district, and a coin was in her hand engraved with the words: “You are always in my heart.”

CCTV footage showed her entering the block apparently eating a bag of crisps shortly before her fall.

Her boyfriend Rustam M announced her death and asked for money for the funeral.

‘My girlfriend Kristina Lisina, also known as Kris the foxx, has passed away,” he posted.

One report in Russia said: “Recently she was complaining to her friends about feeling lonely.

“She wanted to have a family and be loved.”

Kristina, from Siberia, had said in an interview that she went into the porn industry after failing to find her way working in a bank.

“I moved to St. Petersburg from Krasnoyarsk, worked in a bank for exactly five days, and I realised that I was not interested,” she said.

“I don’t understand what to talk about with these people.

29 year old sex worker Dies after Falling From Tower Block (Photos)


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