Dozens of babies were reportedly found dead, including some that had been beheaded, in an Israeli kibbutz Tuesday after the terrorist organization Hamas stormed the community.

Several journalists were let in to the Kfar Aza kibbutz, located just outside the Gaza Strip, to see the aftermath of the attacks by Hamas. At least 70 residents of the kibbutz were killed by Hamas terrorists, according to Indian news website OpIndia.

Nicole Zedeck, a correspondent for Israeli television channel i24NEWS, described the scene as “truly horrific.”

“No one could expect that it would be like this, the horrors that I’m hearing from these soldiers,” Zedeck said. “As I mentioned earlier, about 40 babies, at least, were taken out on gurneys … you continue to see just cribs overturned, strollers left behind, all of these doors left wide open.”

Several of the infants were also beheaded by Hamas terrorists, according to OpIndia.

40 Babies Beheaded & Killed In Israel Outside Gaza Strip (Photos)


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