Today I join the World to celebrate a leader by Example, a reliable boss and a man every man can rely on.

It is a rarity to find a selfless leader who bears the burden of people around him at heart. Rt Hon Ben Rollands Igbakpa, you have over the years proven to be a remarkable leader and your astute representation of your people is testament to your all encompassing style of leadership that has endeared you to the heart of many.

57 is a graceful age and you are an epitome of calmness personified. Your track record speaks for itself, a proof that you are a beaming light to your people.

I salute you on your new age and I pray that you shall continue to excel in all you do. God will lift you higher and take you to heights unimaginable.

Happy Birthday my Leader…….

Signed: Hon Fekson Temienor

A leader by Example : Hon Fekson Temienor greets Igbakpa @57


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