Her name is Favour. The last time she set her eyes on her mother was in December 2019, when she was barely five years old.

With tears in her eyes, her mother hugged her, promising to come back for her.

Little Favour apparently thought her mother was just stepping out of their Ikorodu home, in Lagos, to return later in the day , as had been the case.

But her mother was leaving the shores of Nigeria, in search of greener pastures in the United States of America.

Broken promise

Before leaving their apartment, Favour’s mother also hugged her husband, John Emmanuel and in a hush tone , begged him to take care of their daughter.

Unfortunately, Favour was deprived of the fruition of that promise. This is because as you read this piece, her remains had been buried in a shallow grave.

Surprisingly, her assailant was alleged to be her father.

His reason? He was alleged to have killed her following news that his wife had married a Sierra Leonean in the United States of America and was pregnant for the foreigner.

Crime Guard gathered that after allegedly killing Favour, Emmanuel, buried her remains in a shallow grave and absconded.

Neighbors who had not seen Favour for sometime, became curious when they did not see her father too.

One of them was said to have alerted others upon discovering a newly dug shallow grave behind their building. In the inquisitive neighbour’s attempt to ascertain what was buried , he reportedly discovered it was Favour. Neighbours concluded the deceased’s father was culpable.


They waited patiently for Emmanuel until he returned two weeks later . They apprehended him and handed him over to the Police.

Emmanuel, is still being interrogated by detectives at the Homicide section of the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, SCIID,Yaba.

Police sources said, “ the suspect said he did what he did out of annoyance. He said he didn’t believe his wife could dump him for another man after swearing with everything she holds dear, to come and pick him and their daughter”

Police sources said necessary action would be taken after interrogation.

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