There was mild drama as a middle aged woman engaged in a serious fight with Lagos Conductor who ran away with her 1000 naira without returning N900- balance.

According to report gathered by IGBERE TV, the woman dropped off from the bus, handing over N1,000 note to the conductor while expecting N900 change in return from a N100 distance but to her greatest surprise, the conductor immediately jumped into the zooming bus. In great shock and annoyance, efforts to chase the bus become extensively aborted.

While reiterating her step back in annoyance, she discovered that the moving bus has suddenly stopped. In mixed feelings, she quickly hastens her feet to the sudden faulty bus. On her arrival, she pounces on the conductor, fights dirty while accusing him of theft and robbery.

According to an eyewitness, “The bus driver when asked why he zoomed off said he thought the conductor had concluded transaction with the said passenger.”

“Now, conductor in defense is accusing the woman of assault while stating that he will not return the N900 change as he wants to use it to mend his wears torn by the said passenger and this passenger is also insisting that she will not leave the conductor until her change is completely handed over to her.”

Drama As Woman Fights Dirty With Lagos Conductor After He Ran Away With Her 1k


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