A woman, Felicia Nwosu, was arrested alongside her daughter, Chinenye Nwosu, for forcefully taking the underage children of her late son’s widow in Ndiowu, Orumba North local government area of Anambra State.

The arrest which was carried out at the weekend after a complaint was made to the Anambra Ministry of Women and Social Welfare by the widow, Mrs. Sharon Nwosu.

The widow, a native of Enumbom Ndiowu, who was uncontrollably in tears at the office of the Women Affairs Commissioner, Hon. Hon Ify Obinabo, while narrating her ordeal, said her in-laws took her two children from her after her husband’s death and accused her of killing him.

According to Sharon, the issue started after she refused to hand over her late husband’s laptop and phone to Ifeanyi Nwosu, a younger brother of her late husband who demanded to take possession of the said property.

She said she was shocked that such a request was made a few days after her late husband’s demise.

Sharon revealed that the in-laws asked her to hand over the laptop so that the younger brother would be able to take over the contract her late husband who was an architect just secured, warning her not to tell anyone.

Sharon also said that she was still dealing with her husband’s demise only to find out that her own mother had also died the same day.

According to the widow, days before they took her children, they consistently told her kids that she was responsible for their father’s death and broke Into her room after her husband’s funeral to cart away all the money sympathizers gave to her.

Hon Ify Obinabo registered her displeasure over the development and assured the widow of getting her children back from her in-laws.

The alleged culprits were later arrested and brought to the Anambra State Criminal Investigation Department Awka where they were served a letter mandating them to appear before the Commissioner on Tuesday, August 29, 2023, with all the parties involved in the case for further investigation.

Family Members Arrested For Forcefully Taking Underage Children Of A Widow


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