I want to state here in black and white, that I Elvis O. Ayomanor, the Acting State Chairman of APC Delta State Caretaker Committee was never, I am not and I will never be a member of the above mentioned Ovie Omo-Agege political vanguard, because in the first place, as a Core Urhobo man, I am against Senator Ovie Omo-Agege’s greedy and selfish anti Urhobo ambition of wanting to be the governor of Delta State by all means and at all cost.

So it is surprising to see on social media that the exco of the so-called Ovie Omo-Agege support group, saying they are suspending me from their pressure group. A group I do not belong, in the first place.

APC is a political party, not a pressure group, For now, by law, the Consent judgement exco is still very much valid in Delta, because the ward congresses and LGA congresses in Delta State were conducted in breach of court orders and in total disregard for the Constitutional provision of our party the APC , thus it amounts to nullity and unrecognised by the totality of the leaders and members of APC Delta State.

No single individual or a pocket of persons have the powers to impose such product of illegality or act of impunity and irresponsibility on the people.

My decision not to be a part of Senator Ovie Omo-Agege’s Political Movement or Mission, stems from the fact that I see his ambition as a self enriching one, at the detriment of the general growth and development of the Urhobo Ethnic Nationality.

It is Generally believed across board, that the Governorship stool favours Urhobo, even the PDP are working very hard to ensure the seat is left for the Urhobos alone to run for it. Today, proudly the Urhobo Ethnic Nationality already have the Deputy President of the Senate, a very exalted office, which was not by appointment, but by the collective effort of the Urhobo people, which probably is the highest political office ever held by an Urhobo son or daughter nationally.

Now we have the opportunity of having both the Deputy President of the Senate and the Governor of Delta State at same time, but for his greed for money, since he believes the Governorship position has more money than the Deputy President of the Senate, he wants to drop the Deputy Presidency of the Senate and run for the Governorship, without even considering what that would mean to Urhobo.

This selfish anti Urhobo riches driven ambition, was what made me to decide never to be a part of his political movement, I prefer an Urhobo man as the Deputy President of the Senate and another Urhobo man as the Governor of Delta State, this would be the best thing that has ever happened to Urhobo. Anything short of this, count me out.

I want to also sound this as a note of warning to all Agege Political Vanguard members, please nobody should try to rubbish my name, that I have been suspended or expelled from that group, because in the first instance, I was never your member. You can not run your pressure group as if it’s the party and assume everybody is a part of it.

Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege is not the leader of the party, neither is he our party’s Governorship Candidate, so he does not have the powers to assume the candidacy of the party for 2023.

Untill he contests the primaries and wins, he remains an aspirant, thus I warn, nobody should use the name of the party to run their pressure groups, or else, the party will be left with no option, but to sanction any leader who is responsible for such group(s) or in whose name the group is floated or whose interest they represent

As for any group of persons, claiming to be the executives of APC in Sapele or Delta State, you are only doing that in stupidity, because Delta State APC did not take part in the just concluded congresses of the APC, and will still not take part in any further congresses, in line with the orders of the state high court Asaba. As it stands today, the matter is still in court, pending determination. Until then, the consent judgement exco is still in charge.

At this point I want to enjoin all true APC members across the state, to ignore those APC members by day and PDP by night, who are trying to act the PDP script by disobeying court orders, to ensure APC ends up without candidates, as in the case of Zamfara State, to give PDP a free ride, after collecting huge amounts of money from PDP..

I can assure you all that the soul of APC would be regained from their claws and grips, we would not be deterred, APC Delta will be restored and those detractors would be put to shame. I advise you all to go about your normal business and ignore them.

I also want to use this medium to advise the general public to disregard the rumours of my purported suspension, we assure our teeming supporters that APC will fix our internal crisis, they should keep faith and believe in us. We assure you that this whole drama will end in praise.

Thanks and God bless you all.

Elvis O. Ayomanor.
Acting State Chairman,
APC Caretaker Committee.
Delta State.



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