By Carver Malone

Hamas terrorist group has announced that it will begin killing hostages on live television if Israel continues its attacks.

“From this moment on, we announce that any targeting innocent civilians without warning will be met, regretfully to say, by executing one of the hostages in our custody,” the terrorist group said.

“And we will be forced to broadcast this execution. We regret this decision.” (Trending: Biden Admin Insults Concerned Parents at School Board Meetings)

A Hamas representative additionally told Israeli news outlets that “From this hour, any targeting of our people in the safety of their homes, without warning, will be met with the execution of civilian hostages, which will be broadcast with video and audio.”

It is assumed that Hamas currently has around 150 Israelis being held hostage.

“This is not the Yom Kippur War — it is Yom Kippur multiplied by 100, because here we are talking about murder, the systematic slaughter of babies, girls, boys, things that are hard to bear.”

“We set up a Jewish state in this land in order to defend ourselves, and now the time has come to fight back,” IDF spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari stated.

“I’ve not said this in the past. I never conceived that they would come and slaughter, cut the throats of children. These are animals.”

“Not a state enemy. We have to deal with this as though they are Nazis. What we would do to Nazis, to do to them,” he continued.

Hamas Announces It Will Begin Executing Hostages On Live Broadcasts


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