A Ghanaian media personality, Michael Houston, who recently got backlashed for marrying two women on the same day, has defended his actions while revealing the implications of his decision.

Houston recently got married to Felicity and Khadijah in an elaborate event, leading to backlash from netizens.

Clearing the air, Houston took to his Facebook page on Wednesday to defend his actions, adding that he lost many friends because of his decision.

He wrote, “For the sake of my followers out there, I will do a little explanation. I got married to these two beautiful women, Adepa Fel Houston and Deejah Houston, and the country went berserk because people couldn’t understand how I made that happen, with many ridiculing the whole show.

“Well what y’all didn’t know was, I had two different engagements seperately at each respective family house, and all customary rights for marriage was done to the very last note. We had mini ceremonies with religious leaders blessing the unions.

“Then I decided to have a grand one which I made public to announce to the world that my home is now blessed with two queens.

“Little did I know i will be labeled as a man who didn’t respect women. How do i spend a fortune to disrespect a woman by marrying them??”

Stating the effect of his decision, Houston added, “I lost many friends due to this marriage and made even more friends after, I am way more than capable of maintaining and making my wives happy and I seek no validation from anyone. It’s my choice and their choice.

“If you are capable and want to make such a choice too, then shoot at it. If not then, do what your strength can.”

Credit: Facebook | Michael Houston

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I Lost Many Friends Over Polygamy, Says Ghanaian Who Married Two Women Same Day


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