The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) says Edwin Clark, Ijaw leader, cannot decide on whether the Niger Delta will be part of Biafra.

Clark had described IPOB as being “unrealistic”, adding that the agitators are dreaming if they think the south-south region will be joining the agitation for the republic of Biafra.

In a statement, Emma Powerful, IPOB spokesperson, said the Ijaw leader’s comment is one of the reasons ”Biafrans” are being treated as slaves.

He said Clark does not speak for the people of the south-south region because he is a general without foot soldiers.

“It’s too appalling that Edwin Clerk doesn’t know that those who own Biafra are those he referred to as South-South or Niger Delta as the Case may be. How suddenly Edwin Clark has forgotten that it was an Izon man who brought the name ‘Biafra’ to the table for approval which Ojukwu and his Eastern Consultative Assembly approved without hesitation or debate!” the statement reads.

“Edwin Clark should know that IPOB led by our great leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu did not force any clan to join Biafra but if his community, clan and tribe refuse to join Biafra through referendum at the right time, should not blame anybody for their fate in Nigeria. By the time Biafra will exit Nigeria through a referendum, any clan in the so-called Niger Delta that refuses to be liberated from the Nigerian bondage should get ready to serve the Fulani as slaves for ever

“We, however, know that Edwin Clerk is not speaking for millions of Niger Delta youths, men and women earnestly yearning for their liberation from the Nigerian bondage. He is only speaking for his Fulani slave masters but very soon he will discover that he is a General without foot soldiers”.

IPOB To Edwin Clark: You Have No Mandate To Speak For Niger Delta On Biafra


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