By Daniel Dafe

“In a bid to create harmony, spirit of oneness and administrative effectiveness in Mosogar Kingdom, the Otota (Traditional Prime Minister) of Mosogar Kingdom, Chief Sen Ighoyota Amori JP, Ugo of Mosogar Kingdom, Chief Paule Ojarikre and Unuavworo of Mosogar Kingdom, Chief Abel A. Ogbakpah inaugurated 20 Chiefs of the “Ovie In Council” which was constituted from the two ruling Houses in Mosogar Kingdom (Udurhie and Uduaka).”

This was contained in a statement signed by Comr. Ovie Bethel, Press Secretary to Mosogar Ovie In Council and released on Tuesday evening.

According to the statement, “Udurhie Ruling House produced 10 Chiefs while Uduaka Ruling House also produced 10 Chiefs with. Comr. Ovie Bethel and Comr. Fidelis Eyenor to serve as Press Secretary and assistant Press Secretary to the council respectively.”
The statement added that “the “Ovie In Council” was constituted specifically to assist the “Ovie of Mosogar Kingdom” HRM Samson Okiriobo Imoyi Omene PhD, Urhie1, The Ovie of Mosogar Kingdom in the administration of the entire land.”

According to the statement, “the Inauguration took place in an atmosphere of brotherliness, friendship and spirit of patriotism to work for the common growth, development and progress in a unity of purpose at Royal Community Hall, Civic Centre, Mosogar Ethiope West LGA of Delta State.”

The “Otota” of Mosogar Kingdom, Chief Sen Ighoyota Amori who represented the king at mthe inauguration, reiterated that Mosogar Kingdom is one and will continue to be one.

Chief Amori in his address said “Every family in Mosogar Kingdom is equal and there is no family that is superior to any other Mfamily, so everyone have equal rights.

He added: “We must move forward as a Kingdom and bring back our glory days by working together as brothers and sisters tied by blood of one ancestor.”

Members inaugurated Include;

1.Chief Silver Anuwa (Secretary in Council)

2.Chief Bernard Abinoko (Assistant Secretary in Council)

3. Comr. Ovie Bethel (Press Secretary In Council)

4. Comr. Fidelis Eyenor (assistant Press Secretary)


1.Chief Freeborn Nana

2. Chief Joseph Omene

3. Chief Wilson Omene

4. Chief Japhet Adoye

5.Chief Chris Onogba JP

6.Chief Oghenedoro America

7.Chief Vincent OKporua

8.Chief Bernard Abinoko Obayendo

9.Chief Festus Aboloko

10.Chief Moses Umujakporue


1. Chief Samuel I. Edijana

2.Chief Abraham Bobor

3.Chief S.D Oki

4.Chief Omonigho Ogbakpah

5.Chief Sunny Okpurhe

6.Chief Silver Anuwa

7.Chief. Ogheneovo C. Akporokah

8.Chief Obukohwo Ugbune

9.Chief Richard Ojagbon

10.Chief Ese Ogbakpah

The constituted list was duly signed by Chief Jacob P. Ojarikre (The Ugo of Mosogar Kingdom).

Furthermore, the statement said “Chief Joseph Omene and Chief Wilson Omene from the Udurhie Ruling House couldn’t make the ceremony and will be inaugurated once they are available.”

“Those who were present to witness the inauguration are leadership and Chiefs from Oguedion Traditional Council of Elders and Chiefs led by Ugo of Mosogar Kingdom ,Chief Paule Ojarikre, the Unuevworo, Chief Abel Ogbakpah, the Inowha, Chief Johnson Ogberahwe and other Chiefs namely; Chief Author Omene, Chief Solomon Edokpolor, Chief Friday Conference, Chief Orovwighose Victor, Chief Daniel Ofishe, Chief Francis Epetuku, Chief Patrick Ajaka, Chief Benson Abinoko, Chief Johnson Ogberahwe, Chief Anthony Irevwi, Chief Ejiro Anashemi, Chief Enikomosha, Chief Tony Uju, Chief Peter Ewharieme, Comr Oki Ebeigbe (Mosogar Youth President)

“Other Personalities Present are Hon. Solomon Obareki JP (Chairman PDP Ethiope West), Enor Edekpo, Hon Victor Aghwe, Happy Edidjana, Upala Ogheneseme, all Councillors including Past and Present, Hon. Sunday Amori (Secretary Local Government Council), youths, women and other Mosogarians,” Comr. Bethel said.

Meanwhile, observers opined that this move by Amori and others may be geared towards checkmating the Omene family in the kingdom that have held sway, adding that with the passage of HRM Omene (though yet to be officially announced) the end of the influence of the Omenes in Mosogar may be in sight.

SOURCE : Oasis Magazine

Omene brothers Absent, As Amori Inaugurates “Ovie In Council” in Mosogar Kingdom


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