Please let’s celebrate him

There are undeniably moments in one’s life when one becomes so engulfed in emotions that defy any form of apt description. I had such a moment today when I woke up and heard that my B.A. result had been uploaded by UNN Senate Committee. To have graduated was good; to have done so in the Department of English UNN was interesting, but with First Class was ‘very heaven’. I give all glory to Chukwu Okike who made that dream of mine manifest.

I also wish to thank everybody who contributed to my success. I may not mention all of you, but these names ringing in my head must not be hidden. I thank Senator Doctor Sam Ominyi Egwu whose free education program made my low income earning parents_ may their souls rest in peace_ believe they could train their seemingly promising child in school. Mr Nnamdi Ozioko, your assistance made me remember our local adage, ‘ogyeru oha nweru onye,’ loosely translated as ‘he who goes to a strange land should have somebody there.’ I cannot forget your words, Dr A.P. Nnamani_ ‘Samuel, make sure you graduate with First Class.’

I also wish to appreciate all lecturers of mine who gave me the grade. Yes, I must say it that way. If students who failed some courses could brazenly say, ‘That lecturer failed me,’ I cannot be faulted. May I foreground this name DR EMMANUELA UZOMA ASADU. Mummy, I was lucky to have you as my project supervisor. To all my friends on campus, permit me to reserve your names, may we live to see brighter days.

Samuel Onwe

Orphan Who Trained Self in University Tapping Palm Wine Bags First Class in English at UNN


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