Twitter user, @iam_Uchenna, narrates his horrible ordeal in the hands of Nigeria police officers in Enugu.

Ejike Uchenna Splendor is a Data Analyst, Microbiologist and Technical Writer.

So police stopped me on the road and collected 100k from me because i had my laptop and i didn’t bring the receipt

they first of all asked the bus i boarded to go, the driver wanted to insist and the shunned him and he left.

they searched my phone and every chat i had, they didn’t see anything incriminating.

then they moved to search my bag and emptied everything they still didn’t see anything

then they went to my laptop bag, searched and asked for the receipt, i said it was at home. i asked for my phone to call for the receipt but they already seized it (my two phones)

they also saw 2 sim cards i normally use for my wifi, they said that in Enugu state it is illegal to have multiply sim cards laying in my bags just like that. they said that i must be using it for something fishy.

they asked me to come with them to the station, i obliged and they started moving but was moving very slowly and this is when they started telling me i should settle them or they will take me to cybercrime unit in enugu.

they also left the road and start moving into a bushy area, i was scared frrrr

because the amount of threats i received from them on how they will pin accusations to me has me thinking of my life and how bad things could go from good to worse.

they said they will beat me first and starve me for a full day before they start entertaining any calls or whatever for me, i had to give in into their demands because they all had guns

at first the said i should bring 800k, omoo we dragged it till they agreed for me to pay 100k

they drove me to a POS shop parked and asked me to go withdraw the money and return back, which i did and then they stopped another bus for me to enter

i’m home now
ngl i feel sick and exhausted and for one minute my life flashed before my eyes

Source: @iam_Uchenna (Twitter)

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