A 39-year-old Kabiru Oyeduntan, who was arrested by the police in Osun State for the murder and dismembering of a lady in Apomu, Isokan Local Government Area of Osun State, tells BOLA BAMIGBOLA about his involvement

Can you identify yourself?

My name is Kabiru Oyeduntan. I am an indigene of Ikoyi and Apomu. My mother is from Apomu while my father is from Ikoyi. I am 39 years old and I am a bricklayer. I also work as a nightguard.

Where do you live and what led to your arrest?

I live in the Agunla area of Apomu in the state. I was arrested for killing a lady. But I didn’t kill her. Akin, my friend who brought the girl to my house, killed her. But I helped him to hold the girl’s legs when he strangled her. Akin fled; we have not seen him since (I was arrested). He is a herbalist and he is also called ‘Alupaida,’ (magic).

Who was the lady to you?

Akin said she was his girlfriend and I didn’t know that that (killing her) was what he wanted to do to her in my room. He brought her and had sex with her and, thereafter, killed her.

When he brought the lady to your apartment, what did he tell you he wanted to do with her?

Like I said earlier, he told me he wanted to have sex with her. But a day before he brought the lady, he had informed me of his plans to engage in a money ritual.

Did you plan to engage in the act together?

No. When he mentioned it to me, I told him I was not interested because I have a job that I do and I get paid.

Where were you when they had sex?

I waited for them outside. After a while, I went in and met him strangling the girl. I wanted to run but he pleaded with me to stay and assist him.

How did you assist him?

I held the girl’s legs while he strangled her.

Where does Akin live and what does he do for a living?

He lives in Ikoyi (in Osun State). I don’t know exactly where he lives. He said he had just rented a house. He would have taken me there if I had not been arrested. But when I was arrested, policemen insisted we go to Tarmac (a point where Akin used to relax in Ikoyi). I was even telling them (policemen) how we could catch him, but they didn’t listen to me until he escaped.

What did Akin promise you before the girl was murdered?

He can not fulfill what he promised me, so I am not relying on it. He promised to give me N50,000.

After killing her, what did you do?

Akin asked for a knife and I gave it to him. He dismembered her and kept the body parts in a box.

Is he aware you have been arrested?

He must be aware. He was even calling me in front of the policemen after I had been arrested and they all heard us as we were talking.

How many people have you and Akin killed together?

I have never joined him before. This is the first.

How were you caught?

My elder brother’s wife sensed we had committed a crime in my room. She must have seen (us) or heard a noise from my room. She informed those that arrested me. I was caught when I went to Oja to buy Indian hemp. I deserve whatever happens. But I plead for leniency. Nigerians should forgive me. Greed led me into this.

Shocker : My Friend Promised Me N50,000 To Help Him Murder His Girlfriend – Osun Guard


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