SOWETO has unveiled a delightful haven known as The Shebeen, an enchanting women-only oasis nestled within the vibrant tapestry of the Johannesburg township. With Women’s Month in full bloom, this establishment emerges as a resplendent tribute to the spirit of womanhood.

Nestled within the heart of Soweto, at the charming RockerFella Tavern, The Shebeen emerges as an ephemeral sanctuary, a whispering secret that beckons women to gather and celebrate. Crafted as an exclusive pop-up initiative, it shines a radiant spotlight on the essence of womanhood during this special month.

Beyond its doors lies an enchanting realm designed to whisk women away from the tumultuous currents of life and into a space where they can bask in camaraderie, laughter, and sheer delight. This sanctuary is a heartfelt response to the yearnings of a generation, a place where women can revel without the shadows of unease that have grown across the land.

“This is She-been,” a name chosen with artful care, where the “She” resonates profoundly. It’s a linguistic dance, a harmony of words that echoes with purpose. This is where “She” finds her canvas to paint her story. It’s a tribute to “She” who thrives within each woman, a place for her to don her authenticity unapologetically.

Candice van der Bosch, the steward of Brutal Fruit Spritzer’s brand, captures the sentiment with eloquence.

“It’s a place for She to be, for She to shine amidst the embrace of National Women’s Month. Here, she roams free, her spirit unshackled, a symphony of authenticity where she finds her tribe, her tapestry of belonging.”

Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, The Shebeen stands as a testament to the power of spaces tailored for women. It’s a haven where friendships are cultivated, laughter is the currency, and the bonds between women are woven ever stronger. In a world that sometimes dims their radiance, The Shebeen emerges as a beacon, reminding women that they deserve a sanctuary where their spirits can soar without restraint.

South Africa Opens Women’s Only Bar – No Men Allowed (Photos)


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