A viral video on Wednesday shows the moment thieves were asked to drink alcohol drinks they stole from a shop in South Africa.

The video was posted by a South African journalist, Velani Ludidi,who stated that the thieves broke into a store and stole alcoholic drinks.

He added that when the thieves were caught a day after, the owner of the shop forced them to drink the alcoholic drinks they stole or risk jungle justice.

“Thieves broke in and stole alcohol worth 14k. They were caught a day later with the alcohol. The owner said they must drink it all in one go or face umphakathi. The thieves are struggling, “ the post read.

In the video, the suspects were seen drinking from the bottles of the alcoholic drinks.

Credit: X | LudidiVelani

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Thieves Forced To Drink Alcohol Stolen From South African Shop


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