Kenyan Man Shoots Wife Dead Before Committing Suicide (Photos)

Businessman shoots wife dead before committing suicide in Kiambu town

*Lifeless bodies of the two found inside their bedroom which had been locked from inside.

A couple was found dead in their house in Kiambu Town after an apparent murder and suicide.

The body of 42-year-old businessman in spare parts Jonathan Mukundi Gachunga was found alongside that of his wife Philomena Njeri, 30 hours after the incident had happened.

The motive of the incident is yet to be known. Friends who had seen Gachunga hours earlier said he looked jovial.

Gachunga was a licensed gun holder and operated his spare parts shop in Industrial Area, Nairobi. His wife worked at the shop.

He is said to have shot his wife three times on Tuesday evening before turning the gun to himself.

They were later moved to the mortuary.

Police said they recovered his mini Glock gun from the scene. Kiambu police boss Ali Nuno said they are investigating the incident


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