Just when we thought we’ve witnessed everything, a person’s story emerges to show us how complex life can be. A woman’s recent shocking disclosure about her purported hubby, Ify, who is one of a well-known Nigerian gay couple in Canada, is nothing short of astonishing.

In a startling and emotionally charged disclosure, a mother of three, Sandra Johnson, has stepped forward to recount her harrowing experience.

She uncovered the unsettling truth that her estranged husband had entered into a same-sex marriage with a man they had once welcomed into their home years ago. Ify, and his male partner, Bright, exchanged vows in a joyful and open-hearted ceremony, sent shockwaves through social media, leaving everyone amazed.

The event attracted a lively group of well-wishers who came together to witness and revel in the union of these two individuals.

Reacting, the alleged wife Sandra, who is still legally married to Ify, conveyed a deep sense of astonishment and hurt upon stumbling upon images that exposed his recent marriage, in viral screenshots of WhatsApp chats.

Sandra said she and her husband have three children together and are not officially divorced.

She explained how she permitted her husband’s new partner, Bright, to reside in their matrimonial home for a span of four months.

According to her, when she requested the young man to leave their house, her husband became extremely enraged and requested a divorce.

The woman also shared that subsequent to escorting her husband’s male companion out of their residence, her husband informed her of his plans to attend a conference in Belgium, followed by a six-month course in Canada, which together covered a span of 6 years.

However, she later discovered online that her husband had indeed married Bright, the very man she had welcomed into her home.

The woman posted pictures of her husband along with one of her children, whose face was concealed.

The screenshots were posted by gossip blogs Gistlover and a host of others.

“We have 3 children together”- Woman cries out after husband marries male lover


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