By Wisdom Nwedene

In this interview with Wisdom Nwedene, Adekunle Isaiah Oluwaseun, a graduate of Political Science from the prestigious University of Lagos reveals why he returned the 20 Million Naira mistakenly sent to his account by Bukkahut Hospitality LTD.

He told our correspondent, Wisdom Nwedene that he was only given 20,000 naira only after he returned the 20 Million Naira.

(1) Can We Get To Meet You?

My name is Adekunle Isaiah Oluwaseun popularly called Seunlaw. I’m a graduate of Political Science from the prestigious University of Lagos.

(2) Which State Are You Serving?

I’m currently serving in Osun State, Ilesha West Local government and currently the Corps Liaison Officer (CLO) of NYSC Ilesha West Local Government.

(3) How Much Was In Your Account When The 20 Million Naira Entered?


(4) How did You React when You Saw The Alert?

The money came in while I was in the Kitchen with my fellow indweller at the NCCF lodge preparing for dinner. I was Shocked and fidgeting because I wasn’t expecting such amount of Money. I searched for the company’s name online and I sent them a mail after briefing my Dad. Shortly, I received a WhatsApp call from FCMB branch in Ilupeju followed by a call from a representative of Bukkha Hospitality LTD in which I assured them of total refund.

(5) What Did The Organisation do When You Returned The Money?

A lady from Bukkahut Hospitality LTD contacted me. She was so grateful for my compliance and apologized for any inconveniences it caused me. She personally sent me #20,000 in appreciation and promised that immediately I’m done with NYSC that I should send in my Curriculum vitae.

(6) Do You Actually Said You Were Only Given N20,000 For Returning 20 Million Naira?

Yes and I’m grateful!

Having the understanding that it was an Erroneous transaction meant for business purpose and anyone could make such mistake. I willing refunded the money without any expectation. Though, the Account officer that called me first From FCMB bank, Ilupeju Branch said I would be appreciated by the Bank but after successful reversal I’m still expecting their call.

(7) Apart From The Lady, The Organisation Never Honoured You?

Not at all!

Why I Returned 20Million Naira Mistakenly Sent To My Account Despite Having Only 1500 Naira – Youth Corp Member, Oluwaseun Reveals


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