The Councillor Representing Ward 7 Councillor Jesse in Ethiope West Local Government Area of Delta State, Hon Omadeyi Temienor Ufuoma has hailed Ethiope West and Jesse Political Leader Chief Anthony Odaji Akpomiemie on his birthday anniversary.

Hon Temienor in a signed message made available to RERO TV, said that Chief Akpomiemie is a father worthy to be celebrated and a leader of high repute.

“Today, I wish to congratulate my father and Political boss, Hon Chief Anthony Akpomiemie on his birthday anniversary. Leader sir, you are a man of high repute and a leader of inestimable value.

” Over the years you have proven to be a people oriented leader and an umbrella that shelters many. Your Political history speaks for itself and the path you have created is still a route that many of us your political students thread till this day.

” My Chief sir, for many of us in Ethiope West and Jesse to be precise, you have been a source of inspiration to us and a guide to shapening our Political careers.

” On your birthday anniversary, I pray God to keep you for us, may he give you more strength and courage to keep on going, and may his grace be more evident in your life”.

You are a father worth celebrating : Hon Omadeyi Temienor Ufuoma extols Chief Akpomiemie on birth anniversary


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