By Akporero Henry Akpos

With the puzzle for who succeeds governor Ifeanyi Okowa as the next governor of Delta State far from solved, it seems we might have just gotten a clue as to who should occupy the enviable seat of Governor of Delta State in 2023.

Although that piece is yet unclear, the recent inflow of support by the Ijaw nation for PDP Delta Guber aspirant Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi an Urhobo by tribe, clearly points to the direction the pendulum might swing come 2023.

When puzzled during a media briefing with Journalists just a couple of weeks ago, incumbent governor Okowa gave the Urhobos the shock of a lifetime when he completely swept under the rug an alleged zoning agreement and thus leaving the door wide open for all to aspire regardless of Senatorial zone.

Oginibo in Ughelli South local government area of Delta State, home to Chief Gbagi in recent weeks have experience an influx of top political names from the Ijaw tribe as they came in thier numbers to the home of Chief Gbagi to show their support for the aspirant, pledging to work in tandem with the business mogul to make sure that his rich plans for an industrialized Delta comes to fruition.

That visit has been quickly followed by a meeting with the Ijaw Traditional Rulers Forum in Warri, Delta State where Monarch from eight (8) Ijaw kingdoms came together to release their blessings upon Chief Kenneth Gbagi.

Some might argue that these are early stages and such gesture should never be taken seriously but the fact remains that the Ijaw Nation see Olorogun Gbagi as a man with a knack for rendering a helping hand to people regardless of ethnicity. His chain of companies from which he has alleviated thousands from poverty and has provided a solid bedrock for youths to horn their craft points to the fact that should he emerge as the next governor of Delta State, The youths must salivate by the prospect of achieving their goals that has since eluded them due to mishap by previous administrations where thier physical prowess (thuggery) has been more utilized than their intellectual capabilities.

Factor in Delta Central 2023 (DC – 23) a body formed by the Urhobos with the sole aim of projecting a suitable man from Delta Central to take up the mantle of leadership from Okowa, and the result for who the Urhobos should project is not far fetched. Kenneth Gbagi.

An urhobo through and through, a man much revered for his progressive antecedents, an individual that has risen to the Zenith business wise, wouldn’t Urhobos be missing a trick if they do not rally behind Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi?.

Yes he is astute in his dealings, yes he has a great desire for excellence, yes he is a perfectionist and yes he made his money away from Politics. Just like “A baby needs mama’s milk”, it is evident that the dwindling economy in Delta State needs an industrialist that can carry on from the platform set by Okowa.

The Ijaws have seen this and have embraced Kenneth Gbagi, what are the URHOBOS waiting for? The job of Delta Central is half completed already by the Ijaws so there you have it Urhobos.

Over to you…………………

Kenneth Gbagi : How the Ijaws are helping Delta Central solve the puzzle of Okowa’s Successor


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