The President General of Urhobo Progress Union,(UPU) CHIEF Joe Orode Omene has called on all Urhobo sons and daughters to unite ahead of 2023 governorship election

The UPU President General in a press broadcast with Rero Tv,appealed to all Urhobos to forgive each other and take the shield of love to fight the battle that is ahead.He noted that Urhobos should stop casting blames on who is at fault,as everyone have in one way or the other,offended the Urhobo race.

Speaking further,he commended the leadership of DC-23 for the recent inauguration at PTI Conference Hall,while warning Urhobo politicians to desist from any antics of bargaining for Deputy Governor,against the governor ticket,which is due for Urhobo in Delta Central.

He said that the task in producing the next governor of the state,goes beyond a single man as everyone needs to iron differences and work collectively to bring back the Governor position to Urhobo.

“What Okowa said is not a child play, neither what we will handle with levity.

“Urhobo please if UPU offended you- forgive,Kings wrongs you-forgive them,they are father’s and if Urhobo politicians offended you-forgive them.Let us forgive each other because what is coming,if we hold on to blame games,it will not help us.

“The only thing that will help us is working together because when God created us,he gave us wisdom and we are the largest population in Delta.If we are the largest and for the sake of living together with other tribes,we allowed rotation of the Governorship position and now,it gets to our turn and the governor is trying to play politics with us,he will not succeed.

“I commend some of our people who went to PTI Conference Hall to form DC-23,UPU commend them because they went there to discussed how Urhobo can move forward.They have done well,yet some Urhobo politicians from the PDP refused to go,because of stomach infrastructure and fear of the governor not to include them in the next Commissioners.

“Just imagine, the Governor who said in 2019 that rotation has made the state to be peaceful,is saying something else.Urhobo allowed power rotation because of what was agreed upon,if not,they would have hold on to the Governorship position like the “Ibera” in Kogi,Tiv in Benue and others who never allowed Governor rotation since 1999.

“Urhobo politicians should be careful and desist settling for Deputy Governor,so as to work against the interest of Urhobo which is the Governorship position that is coming to us.

“If we missed the Governorship in 2023,just the way we’re being treated as a second class citizens in the state,we will be treated as a third class citizens and Urhobo will never see the governor again.

UPU PG Chief Joe Omene sends unity message to Urhobos ahead of 2023


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